About Us


Brothers, John and Paul Harris started the company in 1991, after many years working in the print industry. The company was named Southern Print Finishers Ltd, owing to its close proximity to the south downs and the south coast in West Sussex. It began life as a general print finishing and specialist board coating company. This company was run successfully for the next 10 years, growing both in size and reputation.

John and Paul, the co-owners, took the view that due to market demands the company would concentrate its efforts in the board coating and print packaging sector of its business. In 2002 the company was renamed J & P Print & Packaging Services Ltd, specializing in the needs and requirements of the print packaging industry, building itself a well respected name for our quality of service, reliability, and a honest approach to customers needs and problem solving.

A continued investment in coating and packaging machine and a flexible approach to the way we work with our customers, has seen the company grow and secure its place, in an ever changing market.

Despite this success we have not forgotten our roots and still maintain all our early-learnt values, high motivation and a personal pride in our work.