Our Services

Here at J&P we specialize in the application of adhesives and glues for the print & packaging industries offering a comprehensive range of both spirit and water based coatings. With four dedicated off line coating machines and a willingness to adapt to new ideas in packaging designs and innovations help set us apart from our competitors.

Whether the job be B1 (720mm X 1020mm) or larger, or down to single die-cut cards (non sealing die-cut cards recoated) we can handle them all.


We have extensive knowledge in the application of adhesives used in the blister card and Surlyn skinpack card process, and with our full inhouse testing facility enabling us to quality control throughout the job run, insuring high quality results every time.

Over the years we have been challenged with some unusual requests, whether these have been from large 
well-known companies or individuals people with new imaginative ideas, we have worked together to achieve that satisfactory result we are all looking for.

So the next time you receive that enquiry which requires the job to have a coated finish applied, remember we are only a phone call away.